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a dog trained to guide the blind

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Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is dedicated to assisting dogs in need in shelters as well blind dog owners.
We are absolutely thrilled to receive this coveted award and recognition by our peers and experts in the industry as the 'top dog' of all Irish pubs," said Ron Wallace, owner of Olde Blind Dog.
BLIND DOGS The story of Zeus and his blindness is a classic.
The criminals mistook the deaf and almost blind dog for a puppy which they could sell on, but they dumped her in an alleyway when they realised their mistake.
THERE'S an old saying in rural America that every once in a while, even a blind dog can find a bone.
A beggar and his a blind dog, a noblewoman crippled by the falling elephant, a nun who oversees the local orphanage, a policeman and his wife who have no children of their own, a crippled former stonecutter hired to scoop elephant poop, the elephant, the boy Peter and his sister Adele form an ensemble cast who confront life's deepest questions in their nighttime dreams, and who, each in their own small way, contribute to the tale's simple yet miraculous conclusion.
I once saw a very old, sick and blind dog for sale, and a female with her puppies," she said.
For unfortunately she's not alone: there's Boris the six month old kitten with smashed legs who happily gets around on his knees; the Five Musketeers, five sickly kittens (now sadly four) hand-raised since birth after their mother died; BD, the grossly overweight bulldog (as wide as he is long), who seems only to have been fed during his short life (and has recently been adopted and put on a strict diet and fitness regime); Necklace, the brain damaged kitten, who is gaining strength and agility by the day through good nutrition and lots of love and care; Sugar, the blind dog, who gets around just fine as long as the furniture isn't moved; and Transy, the hermaphroditic cat, who has 'plumbing' problems and requires an operation to correct it.
Sarita and Phil Barnet launched the initiative after adopting a blind dog from K9 Friends that was rescued after being found caged up outside.
We've got six dogs already and didn't want any more, but when my husband saw Ringo he thought we couldn't leave a blind dog alone," Barnett said.
The search for a missing deaf and blind dog who fell down a hole was called off yesterday.
Even a blind dog could work this thing," he assured me.
I'm certain that if I was in Portman Square with a blind dog and a parrot that couldn't speak, I could run racing better than that lot
He said, `Is that dog a blind dog and are you a registered blind person?