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a slang term for Great Britain used by British troops serving abroad

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Just when we thought it was safe, Madonna has reignited her passion for all things Blighty.
Back in Blighty in Extras (Thursday, BBC2, 9pm), Ricky finds alter ego Andy Millman winning a bit part in a wizard adventure with Daniel Radcliffe, who is adamant his new magical character is nothing like Harry Potter.
But let's not deny six months in Afghanistan is a burden on the employer back home in Blighty.
Featuring reports on how the teenagers - including Lucy (above) - have coped with life back in Blighty.
The A-list heartthrob has teamed up with the Love Island lothario while he's in Blighty.
MEL B hopes to come back to Blighty from Los Angeles after failing to carve out a movie career.
Now we are back in old Blighty, we talk of the deeds that were done, And think of all those comrades behind us, under theLibyan sun.
Looking at the trouble-spots around the world, we often wonder if it was worth all the struggle and loneliness of not seeing Blighty and our loved ones for those six years.
SOULER RHYTHM KELLY'S, MONDAY, JUNE 26 SOME seven months ago Souler Rhythm singer Kevin Eaton left Blighty, leaving his band to play instrumental sets to anyone who'd listen.
COUNTRYWISE ITV1 8pm (Not Wales) NEW SERIES Prepare for a fascinating trip around Blighty, as the team returns for a 10-part series.
There's trouble in paradise though as Miller hates the sunshine and can't wait to get back home to the grey drizzle of Blighty - but, unfortunately for him, there's no way as the investigation proves much trickier to crack than he'd like.
Matthew Macfadyen (above) heads a star-studded cast as Arthur, a young man who returns to Blighty and encounters a mystery.
What happened to Dawn was a Hollywood film offer and the knowledge she'd be back in Blighty in a trice if she didn't get "skeletal" in double-quick time.
l The two days of Big Brother Africa being more interesting than the whole of Big Brother Blighty.
American and UK viewers will vote on their performances each week to decide which one is kicked off the show and flown back to Blighty.