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a slang term for Great Britain used by British troops serving abroad

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They've all been thrown together and put into a pair of whopping great big motorhomes to see how they get on as they drive across Blighty to explore some pretty fine tourist hotspots.
There's a bloody bunpunching swine back there who has just gone back with a beautiful blighty one in the arm.
THE SILENT CHINDIT ALMA Moore, from Lancashire, remembers watching the Calling Blighty film when she was a small child and spotting her father, Private Frank Miller, on-screen.
Well, while Williams was doing his bit in Blighty, his counterparts in Sweden were up to even stranger stuff - handing out Ladbrokesbranded condoms.
Packed full of facts, figures and explanations of the quirks and foibles of British life, this is a great read if you want to indulge in a bit of patriotism or find out more about some of the things that have made Blighty what it is.
So, let's forget about the Ashes debacle and our dire one-day ranking, it's time for blind optimism that Michael Vaughan, Andrew Flintoff, Kevin Pietersen and Co are going to arrive back in Blighty as champions of the world
In the wake of apparent biological attacks, the dictatorial Chancellor Sutler takes over Old Blighty.
AFTER ENJOYING THEIR MUSIC back home in Blighty, I got ahold of some more of their charged sounds, provoking misty-eyed reminiscences of Killing Joke and Gang of Four for this old codger.
They are situation comedies, and Blighty has produced some of the best the world has ever seen.
Written by local lad Andrew Sloman, who also penned last year's summer show, High & Blighty, for Marsden Parish Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society, the musical comedy is a new adventure but features some familiar characters.
A BLIGHTY is derived from the word bilyati, which means a foreign land in Hindi.
But abnormally balmy weather in Blighty affected the overall local box office, which resulted in one of the lowest weekends in that market this year.
Meantime in Miami, Kelly Rowland, right, sunned herself before flying to Blighty for her new job as judge on the UK X Factor.
New Blighty documentary BeerTickers: Beyond The Ale follows four as they notch up 'winners' at pubs and beer festivals around the country.