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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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Couldn't be a coincidence that BLiars wife is a 'Human rights' lawyer could it?
At the height of the illegal Iraq war in 2004, I vowed not to vote for the party to which I belong until Tony Bliar had gone.
The far-too-smooth-for-my-taste-Anderton, however has beaten Bliar at his own game.
This flight of blood-curdling rhetoric has now come home to haunt him, earning him a headline (in The Economist, no less) of "Prime Minister Bliar.
In a bizarre rant, he said: "Mr Blair, don't be a liar, a Bliar.
One such was a former Lord Chancellor, one of the closest associates of a former PM known as Phoney Bliar, who emerged from a safe place to declare that he thought the PM was a goner.
I would sooner take advice from the sheep in the field than listen to Tony Bliar, the politician who conned Parliament into believing that Saddam Hussein could launch a nuclear strike at 45 minutes' notice.
He should get on with our Tony Bliar like a house (or Gulf state)on fire.