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Representantes das familias Blenniidae, Gobiidae, Labrisomidae e Gobiesocidae, comumente ocupam areas rasas junto a substratos rochosos em aguas marinhas tropicais e subtropicais (NELSON, 1994).
Clupeidae, Engraulidae, and Blenniidae showed a slight trend of highest CPUEs at intermediate current speeds (10-30 cm/sec), whereas the other families generally had highest CPUEs at the lowest speeds (<10 cm/sec).
fasciatus), Blenniidae (Parablennius intermedius), and Gobiesocidae (Aspasmogaster costatus), although the temporary resident Girella elevata was the third most abundant species.
10), whereas diets from reef habitat clearly reflected prey fish from reef habitats and included Blenniidae, Serranidae, and three prey fish identified to genera, Centropristis spp, Halichoeres spp.
ATHERINOPSIDAE Atherinops affinis BLENNIIDAE Hypsoblennius gentilis Hypsoblennius gilberti Hypsoblennius jenkinsi BOTHIDAE Paralichthys californicus CARCHARHINDAE Mustelus californicus COTTIDAE Artedius spp.