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an electrically powered mixer with whirling blades that mix or chop or liquefy foods

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NuZee's Coffee Blenders will be featured in UNFI's "New and Now" publication and the "New Products" section of the monthly special alongside their vast variety of all natural and organic products.
Based on geographic/regional distribution the global Food Blenders and Mixers Market is studied for key regional markets focusing on the respective geographic trends and statistics, and thereby delivering market size and forecast values.
Where these employees are concerned, you might want to take a page from the medical profession and have a generalist to service most equipment problems, and an individual--a specialist--who can effectively manage the electronic and/or weighing systems used in your blenders.
Juicers pull out the pulp, whereas blenders don't," Bradley said.
Due to their direct drive design, Ross Ribbon Blenders do not suffer from belt slippage, stretching and wear--issues frequently encountered in lower quality blenders.
Unlike traditional belt-driven blenders, all Ross Ribbon Blenders are equipped with a direct drive gear motor for more reliable performance and lower maintenance.
If you're the type of person who likes to make homemade soups, delicious ice-cream shakes and healthy smoothies, but never gets around to it, then the Tefal Prepline blender could be the ultimate solution for your gastronomic goals.
PCC general manager Dana Darley adds, "This new auger drive package represents a major advancement in the performance and reliability of our premium line of gravimetric blenders and feeders.
Renowned British kitchen appliance manufacturer, Kenwood, has launched its newest hand blender in the region, aimed at the home entertainment market and accomplished cooks.
But the best professional-quality blenders can make so much more in the kitchen -- from nutrient-rich juices and smoothies to whole grain cereals to hot, steaming soups.
Hyatt Hotels and Resorts recently installed a new series of blenders for its resorts and hotels, selecting the units based on, among other things, the machines' capabilities to quietly and consistently produce drinks.
a leader in mixers, blenders and size reduction equipment for bulk solid materials recently introduced the new cylindrical plow blender.
Keep in mind that all blenders are not created equal.
Designed to save time, kitchen blenders can make quick work of mixing and chopping.
Variable-speed laboratory tumble blender investigates mixing and demixing characteristics of various mixtures and produces data that can be scaled for full-size blenders.