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Synonyms for Trojan

a native of ancient Troy

a program that appears desirable but actually contains something harmful


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SurfControl plc is a world leading Internet Security company delivering multiple layers of threat protection to shield organizations against complex blended threats.
SurfControl plc (LSE: SRF) is a world leading Internet Security company delivering multiple layers of threat protection to shield organisations against complex blended threats.
To protect your enterprise from the new generation of blended threats, you need to take a look at the security strategies you currently have in place.
Blended threat emails often employ social engineering techniques and clever designs to lure recipients into clicking on the link that then triggers the infection.
Marshal8e6, a global provider of Secure Web Gateway and email security products, today announced its plans to integrate blended threat detection from newly-acquired Avinti into a new Blended Threat Module[TM] for MailMarshal SMTP and the R3000, the company's email and Internet filtering gateways.
Acquisition Supports Company's Email and Web Security Strategy to Deliver Integrated Protection against Blended Threats
NEWT is Avinti's plug-in filter that runs on the most popular MTAs (Mail Transfer Agents) and leverages the power of Avinti's iSolation Server to stop blended threat attacks.
However, because this comes through as a blended threat e-mail, it will completely bypass AV products because there is no attached file to scan.
Nevis Solution: The company's LANenforcer systems apply advanced anomaly detection capabilities to continuously detect and mitigate virus, worm and blended threat outbreaks such as the Storm Worm to persistently protect customers.
SurfControl protects enterprises from blended threats by offering protection for web, e-mail, instant messaging, peer-to-peer and mobile computing through its SurfControl Adaptive Threat Intelligence Service.
Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced the general availability of eSafe 4 Feature Release 2 the latest version of its integrated proactive content security solution with new AppliFilter technology to block blended threats.
The survey, conducted in late August of 200 IT security officials from Germany, France, Sweden, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, said 28 per cent of the respondents do not have any fortifications in place to prevent blended threats.
It does not, however, eliminate the risk to the storage system itself nor does it address more aggressive blended threats.
Blended threats are more difficult to protect your computer against as they distribute themselves like a virus but behave like a worm (a programme that replicates itself by slithering through networks and eating up storage space) and also have traits of a Trojan horse (a malicious programme disguised as something benign like a screen saver).
The key to effectively secure an enterprise against such blended threats is to address security across all tiers--the gateway, server, and desktop--and across multiple functions--firewall, anti-virus, virtual private networking, intrusion detection, and vulnerability management.