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The education leaders in this webinar will tell their stories, showcase promising practices, and empower change agents to create supportive and sustainable blended learning environments that prepare all students for college, career and citizenship.
Student Aaliyah Hyde, 17, likes the blended learning approach that provides both online and face-to-face classes.
Rob Darrow, co-chair of CUE's eLearning Network added: “We are looking forward to collaborating with outstanding blended learning educators from across California and the nation to highlight how blended learning customizes instruction, empowers learning and increases student achievement.
They "weren't having the impact they wanted with technology" and wanted to do "something larger and deeper," says Greg Klein, director of blended learning for the Rogers Foundation.
One even suggested that the student produced in a blended learning course resembles the ideal student described in AUB's mission statement.
Blended learning is a combination of two or more training methods.
For more information on blended learning at NHI, contact Thomas Elliott at 703-235-0319 or thomas.
This article explores the potential of blended learning as a new approach to social work education in the 21st century.
The intent of this article is to explore the concept of blended learning from a student, faculty, and administrative perspective in higher education.
Where adapting a CMS to support blended learning requires a level of expertise beyond the experience of many instructors, weblogs can be launched easily.
Blended learning refers to learning events that combine aspects of online and face-to-face instruction.
A blended learning approach may be the antidote that executives seek.
Blended learning refers to the ability to deliver and/or manage the various learning delivery vehicles - including live interactive learning, web-based self-paced learning and traditional classroom-based training.
net, a professional social and learning network for the global education community, today announced the launch of Blended Learning, an online professional learning community (PLC) to support educators exploring and implementing blended learning models for elementary mathematics.