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someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding

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The Backpacks & Bleeders program gives participants and their families a way to experience the outdoors at little to no-cost, and do it in a controlled way that is specifically tailored to their unique needs.
org Little Bleeders Junior Moviemaker (Theme: Monsters) | November 1, 1pm-3pm | Watch and discuss a selection of monster-themed short films with Tom Betts, and also see your own efforts on screen.
There was no significant difference in the levels of adenine nucleotides, PPi and Pi between non-bleeders and normal subjects but a significant decrease in the levels of adenine nucleotides was observed in bleeders when compared with normal subjects.
Bleeders have the least fun - they just scream very loudly to make their victims bleed from their ears.
When brake dragging occurs, we have to crack the bleeders, or loosen the brake line at the rubber hose near the master cylinder to unlock the brakes.
Anterior bleeding sites are bleeders anterior to the bony nasal aperture, and are relatively easy to manage because the vessel may be visualised and controlled with basic equipment such as a headlight, nasal suction device and nasal speculum and simple cautery techniques.
Barely surviving Ricahrd also finds himself the focus of attention by a savage underground gang of vampires called The BLEEDERS.
05) was found in membrane cholesterol/phospholipid ratio of cirrhotic bleeders.
If a couple more bleeders fell in, this wouldn't be an issue because my average would be higher but you can't always control that.
Objectives: Long-term mortality data for gastrointestinal (GI) bleeders is scarce in the literature.
Jumpers, stumpers, dumpers, dunkers, bleeders, floaters, poppers, bursters," Mike confesses.
When bleeders were compared with nonbleeders, several differences were noted with respect to sex, the time of year, and several particular aspects of surgical technique (table):
Sometimes--during a crash cesarean--it is not wise to stop the operation to control bleeders.
Titled "Buyers and Bleeders," the report finds potential for a massive industry consolidation, particularly among community banks.
The cuff is designed to limit blood loss from penetrating wounds to limbs in fast and slow bleeders, significantly reducing the risk of limb loss and death resulting from irreversible hemorrhagic shock.