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in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae

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Cycads, Blechnum ferns, and tender baby's tears fill the garden beds.
The specimens were collected in Cariblanco on Nephrolepis cordifolia (Oleandraceae) and in Coronado on Blechnum schiedeanum (Blechnaceae).
The smooth, leathery dark green leaves of Blechnum niponicum with the coppery tones and airy foliage of an autumn fern (Dryopteris erythrosora) is a stunning combination.
The low elevation riparian habitat is directly threatened by invasive plants such as Adiantum raddianum, Blechnum appendiculatum Willd.
Blechnum orientale (Blechnaceae) was discovered naturalized in two locations on the island of O'ahu in 2010 (Lau and Frohlich, 2012).
An (almost) exogenous origin of root primordia has recently been reported in Microsorium (Sakai, 1990) and Blechnum (Gopalakrishnan & Nayar, 1990).
On the other hand, the mating system of the fern species Blechnum spicant (L.
Blechnum, Carlquist and Schneider, 2007), there is differentiation between end walls and lateral walls of tracheary elements with respect to size of pits (or perforations), pit membrane porousness, and presence of evident cellulosic webs.
Anemia, Blechnum, and Dryopteris), it seems to be very rare and occasional among epiphytic plants (Gomez, 1985).
In contrast, micromolar concentrations of exogenous BAP delayed formation of an apical notch and production of gametangia in lightgrown gametophytes of Blechnum spicant (L.
Male charm to attract the opposite sex Blechnum amambdi (fern) --Female australe L.
Blechnum brasiliense is a subarborescent fern, Saccoloma inaequale is an herbaceous species, while Cyathea corcovadensis and Cyathea delgadii are tree ferns.
Ecophysiological responses to light availability in three Blechnum species (Pteridophyta, Blechnaceae) of different ecological breadth.
Larger sporophytes of Thelypteris dentata (25-30 cm height) were obtained from spore culture, whereas plants of Blechnum appendiculatum (20 to 35 cm) and Macrothelypteris torresiana (30 to 40 cm) were obtained from field collections.