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type genus of the Blattidae: cockroaches infesting buildings worldwide

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crassificans (a pathogen of the cockroach Blatta orientalis) (2,3); their pathogenic role in humans has not yet been investigated.
Homeopaths have been using Indian cockroaches, Blatta Orientalis, since 1890 for the treatment of asthma," said Mr Thomas.
Excretion of viable tubercle bacilli by Blatta orientalis (the oriental cockroach) following ingestion of heat-fixed sputum smears: a laboratory investigation.
Formerly a faceless member of New York City's cockroach population, Blatta wakes up in a seedy Times Square hotel to find that he has metamorphosed into a man.
The alimentation consisted principally of juvenile and adult spiders: Schizocosa inalitiosa (Tullgren 1905), Lycosa thorelli (Keyserling 1877) and Metaltella simoni (Keyserling 1877), cockroaches: Periplaneta ainericana (Linnaeus), Blatta sp.
The oriental cockroach Blatta orientalis Linnaeus (recorded from a single late 4th-century context) would almost certainly have required heated buildings, too.
Concerning clustering, the situation is not clear: thus, grembit 'contrary (person)' and gerembit; blatta, honorific title, and balatta; blen 'pupil of the eye' and belen.