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unrhymed verse (usually in iambic pentameter)

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I should further qualify this statement by saying that Tennyson's enjambments become rarer outside of blank-verse and fixed-line-length contexts, which in a way obviate the need to locate a rationale for the line break.
The blank-verse English is in readable vernacular, without archaisms.
To Musa's merit, his blank-verse translation is also arranged in triplets, which read smoothly and also commend themselves for their originality.
Byron certainly posited such a contradiction when he declared Wordsworth and his conversational blank-verse forbear Cowper "no poet[s].
If you've ever sat through one of those interminably clever, self-delighted translations of ``Cyrano'' you may feel blessed by Brian Hooker's blank-verse, to-the-point reading.
Instead, we had to suffer a blank-verse commentary with lots of fancy, irrelevant observations about the people on screen.
Less accountable, however, is the misogyny of a blank-verse narrative he described in 1884 as "a psychological poem on Jack and Jill, in Browning's vein.