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visionary British poet and painter (1757-1827)

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On Thursday night, Blake said goodbye to Lisa and to Sam, he said that he loved her and got down on his knee and asked her to marry him.
Network Ten has confirmed that Blake and Sam have ended their engagement, as Blake realised that he and Sam wanted different things from a relationship and have different priorities.
Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O of Kiis FM breakfast were the first to confirm that Blake and Sam are no longer a couple.
Since Mee focuses chiefly on what the conflict between Blake and the Hunts says about enthusiasm, I want to revisit this contentious relationship in light of an unrecorded reference to Blake by Leigh Hunt in the short lived quarterly The Reflector (1810/11--12), which is not found in Bentley's Blake Records.
Blake and the Hunts had many avenues for information about each other.
In this way, the volume has something broader to offer those interested in print culture and book history; collections and archives; art restoration, reproduction, and forgery; nineteenth-century material culture; and also religious and scientific cultures as they intersect with Blake and his inheritors.
Why would such a historically driven book be called Blake in Our Time?
Betty Blake says she is just as impressed with her son's eloquence and poise as she is with his tennis game.
I can't really say that I'm going to win a Grand Slam or get in the top 10," Blake told Hackett.
Ackroyd illuminates Blake the poet and painter, and particularly Blake the journeyman engraver, giving ample evidence why the genius was dismissed by critics and the public as an argumentative eccentric, a frustrated artist locked in a craftsman's trade.
The third of seven children born to a hosier and his wife, Blake established his introspective patterns early.
Blakes is the first Canadian law firm to open an office in Chicago.
We wanted to be in a better position to build on the very significant amount of cross-border work that Blakes currently does in this region.
However, I am puzzled as to why this long list of "wrong" William Blakes should be included here.
Strange, a Quaker corn chandler who purchased a number of original Blakes at the Butts auction and from the dealer Bohn, decided by 1859 to search "for particulars of his life & works" (709).