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visionary British poet and painter (1757-1827)


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As I will go on to suggest, following the trail blazed by the Blakeian enigma, Expressway takes up the paradox of the personal and the communal by inhabiting--albeit problematically--the lyric form.
Environmental historian Tom Griffiths conjures up an image of the mighty rivers of Australia as tigers, stirring powerful emotions; for me a Blakeian nostalgia deepened in memory by the majestic Murray River of my youth.
This resonance of music (in Hardy) undermines, in deepest mourning, bitterest disillusion, or most profound melancholy, the darker ironies of those poems in which we sense, but know not how, a rush of sweet pleasure or surprise by secret joy--not in the Blakeian but in the Wordsworthian sense.
59), exist in a mad Blakeian balance between the Prolific and the Devouring, with 'the powerful reigning, the powerless proliferating' (p.