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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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Disastrous Blairite policies of the past must not be allowed to dominate the agenda again, which I am sure is the view of Jeremy Corbyn and the majority of the British people.
Party members do not seem to count and their opinions are not valued by the Blairites and the Right of the party, especially those careerists who are frightened of Jeremy Corbyn.
The Blairites are more like monsters in Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the sci-fi horror film where wives and husbands turn out secretly to be aliens in disguise.
But Labour's Blairite former general secretary Peter Watt said it would be "a disgrace" if the deeper problem of union influence was not tackled.
The Blairite rump are frightened to death of that and losing their grip on the party.
But, on reflection, I'm sure it's a Blairite plot to do them both down- not least because when I visited a church crypt in Brixton to book "The Mother of All Afternoons - Coffee and Cup Cakes with George Galloway" for June 25, the staff told me about a booking that had been made for a private function for his political supporters by David Miliband.
So add disillusioned Blairites to disaffected Lib Dems and you have the recipe for a new political concoction.
The leading young Blairite left at Labour''s top table will be either treasury spokesman Liam Byrne, or business spokesman Pat McFadden.
Most are not Blairites or Brownites, Old or New Labour.
Ever since former prime minister Tony Blair handed over the Labour leadership and premiership to Brown, Blairites have sought to humiliate him.
But he said there was a "deep and widely shared concern" within the party - extending far beyond the Blairites - that the Government was currently heading for disaster, coupled with a determination to prevent it happening.
All Blairites, especially Gisela Stewart, who supported Bush's re-election, have to reflect that Blair, by any measure of international law, is a major prima facie war criminal.
He hit out at Blairites who had 'dishonestly' attacked the Conservatives for sleaze when he was in power.
The Chancellor used a phrase throughout his speech which was widely seen as giving some ground to the Blairites approach.
Then there's the chancellor's latest budget, brazenly geared toward the Old Left in what Blairites view as an effort to curry favor among rank-and-file Labour Members of Parliament.