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Synonyms for boo

any of various derisive sounds of disapproval

Synonyms for boo

a cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt

show displeasure, as after a performance or speech


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Immunohistochemistry of AQP2-3 of rat urinary bladder tissue in the control (Con) and bladder outlet obstruction (BOO) groups.
Bladder outlet obstruction was determined by Abrams-Griffiths nomogram.
The device is designed to provide men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) with temporary relief of bladder outlet obstructions.
Selective transurethral resection of the prostate combined with transurethral incision of the bladder neck for bladder outlet obstruction in patients with small volume benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH): A prospective randomized study.
Indication: Bladder outlet obstruction and dysfunction caused by a neuropathic bladder, a nonneurogenic neurogenic bladder, posterior urethral valves and the exstrophy-0epispadias complex can often lead to urinary incontinence and renal dysfunction in children.
The presence of bladder outlet obstruction, such as prostatic enlargement or urethral stricture disease, increases intra-abdominal pressure during micturition which in turn favours herniation (9).
To add to the indiginity of everything, he developed bladder outlet obstruction and now has a urinary catheter in place - difficult in someone as demented as he has become because he invariably manages to dislodge the bag overnight.
Genetic and cellular characteristics of bladder outlet obstruction.
Causes of urinary incontinence ACUTE Urinary tract infection Bacterial Inflammation Atrophic urethritis or vaginitis Bladder outlet obstruction Enlarged prostate Constipation/ Faecal impaction Pelvic organ prolapse Increased urine production Diuretic drugs Diabetes Cognitive impairment Dementia or Delirium Depression Disorientation in new environment Hypnotic, sedative or other psychoactive drug therapy Reduced mobility Accessing toilet --Illness, surgery or injury --Gait disorder --Physical restraint Removing clothing Reduced night-time vision Acute injury to pelvic floor Vaginal delivery Pelvic surgery CHRONIC Stress Pelvic floor weakness Impaired internal sphincter function Urge Overactive detrusor muscle Mixed Overflow With retention Table 3.
EDAP's lithotripsy product line perfectly interfaces with our measurement systems to diagnose urinary incontinence and bladder outlet obstruction.
Keeping with standard preoperative preparation for urologic surgical and procedures for bladder outlet obstruction.
Recent studies indicate that focal ischemia/reperfusion (I/R) can cause the contractile dysfunctions induced in animal models of partial bladder outlet obstruction.
There's no medical consensus on whether to treat men with mild bladder outlet obstruction symptoms.