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a member of the Italian fascist party before World War II

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With the solitary exception of the defunct Blackshirt Militia, Italy still has all the police forces it ever had, and they continue to cooperate as little as they ever did, despite the fact that there is much serious police work left to do.
Eighty years to the day, the Home Secretary Amber Rudd stood up in Birmingham to deliver a policy the Blackshirts would have been proud of: Companies would be "named and shamed" for employing too many foreign workers.
In nearby Merthyr the Blackshirts marched, while at the same time the people of Dowlais welcomed sad refugees of that war.
First we had last week's revelation in this newspaper that various muddle-headed, bile-sprewing malcontents have launched the New British Union Party, today's equivalent of the ludicrous but dangerous Oswald Mosley's thuggish Blackshirts.
The party website which shows Mosley's fanatical followers performing the stiff-armed fascist salute boasts the first official Blackshirt meeting to be held since the Second World War will be a historic occasion "heralding the return of a registered fascist political party in Britain.
Sir Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists before the Second World War, had thousands of supporters and his own private army of Blackshirts in the 1930s.
Or perhaps your article could have told the story of Blackshirt Eric Piercy who, in his small craft 'Advance', was at Dunkirk ferrying troops from the beaches to Royal Navy vessels standing off the coast.
Their site which shows Mosley's fanatical followers performing the stiffarmed fascist salute boasts: "This will be an historic occasion, the first official Blackshirt meeting to be held since the Second World War, heralding the return of a registered fascist political party in Britain.
And he compared the British National Party's claims that immigrants are taking jobs and housing from indigenous Britons to the rhetoric of blackshirt leader Oswald Mosley.
She was also alleged to have fallen for the charms of Sir Oswald Mosley, the former Blackshirt leader and reputed seducer.
I remember true grinding poverty in the 1930s when I first joined the Labour League, sang the Red Flag and heckled the Blackshirt followers of Moseley.
HISTORY LESSON: Chauffeur Harry Spargo (Neil Jackson) becomes a Blackshirt and gets caught up in anti-Fascist protests, above, and, right, the family and staff in the house
His Blackshirt movement had over 700 branches throughout the country, and although Mosley never spoke at Benwell or North Shields as the report suggests, the BUF did have recruitment offices in those districts.
More than 2,000 men and women poured into De Winton Field behind Pandy Square, there to break up a planned Fascist meeting bringing the dark, messianic message of the Blackshirt leader Oswald Mosley.
Plus, he's wearing a Blackshirt (traditional Conservatives).