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a resort town in Lancashire in northwestern England on the Irish Sea

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William Regal; Regal hails from Blackpool, England.
For close to an hour on October 3rd, private citizen Bill Clinton addressed the British Labor Party's annual conference in Blackpool, England.
Michael Smith was born on April 26, 1932, in Blackpool, England.
The traditional British motor car company has become a household word for luxury cars since its founding in 1922, when a young entrepreneur from Blackpool, England, named William Lyons resolved to turn his passion for motor sports into a profitable business.
During the 1970s, she went with the team to the world ballroom championships in Blackpool, England, and enjoyed the troupe's victory.
So how is it that thousands of Scots go to Blackpool, ENGLAND, every year for their holidays?
In the longer term, they expect a downward pricing trend (from around $33/lb tl for neat resin today) to result from improved productivity at Victrex's recently expanded PEEK plant in Blackpool, England.
However, a recently unearthed artifact in the United Kingdom corroborates the legend and in the fall of 2009, four graduate students traveled to a small township near Blackpool, England and began a journey of survival in the secluded resort of Dire Grove.
Born in Blackpool, England,Nash was appointedOBE by Queen Elizabeth in 2010.
Police throughout the UK and Ireland had been searching for Ryan Humpage from Blackpool, England.
William John Paden, 56, was jailed for four months at Cavan District Court after he was captured in Ireland having left his address in Blackpool, England.
Photo: The Ballroom Dance Company from Brigham Young University performs a dance that won honors in Blackpool, England.