black hole

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a region of space resulting from the collapse of a star

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ASCORCHED earth policy that left a pounds 17m council blackhole will lead to difficult decisions, leaders claimed last night.
Arctics)' Empire (Kasabian)' Sam's Town (Killers)' Blackholes And Revelations (Muse)' Black Parade (My Chemical Romance).
There are other anomalies involving gravity such as the so-called "dark-matter" effect in spiral galaxies, the systematic effects related to the supermassive blackholes in globular clusters and elliptical galaxies, the Pioneer 10/11 deceleration anomaly, the so-called galactic 'dark-matter' networks, and others, all suggest that the phenomenon of gravity has not been understood even in the non-relativistic regime, and that a significant dynamical process has been overlooked in the Newtonian theory of gravity, and which is also missing from General Relativity.
The cut, passed on through council grants, come as city leaders prepare for huge budget blackholes and hundreds of jobs losses.
If the LHC can produce microscopic blackholes, cosmic rays of much higher energies would already have produced many more.