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a member of a warlike group of Algonquians living in the northwestern plains

any of the Algonquian languages spoken by the Blackfoot

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The three tribes of the Blackfoot confederacy -- the Piegan, the Blood and the Blackfoot -- do not eat the prairie turnip today, but Peacock says the plant's extensive roots in Blackfoot legend and language strongly suggest that it once ranked along with buffalo meat as a vital element in their diet.
There have been discussions with the other Blackfoot Confederacy members, he says, but at this point, the plan is to keep the BCEA to three members, operating more as a pilot project.
1) Calf Child has been described as a "minor chief of the North Blackfoot or Siksikah or Blackfoot proper one of three tribes who are from the Blackfoot Confederacy (Peigan or Pikuni and Blood or Kainai being the others).
Evidently it was a part of the navigational system of the people of the Blackfoot Confederacy.
Maybe not to make the ultimate decision, but still there is the Blackfoot Confederacy and the ceremonialists of the Blackfoot Confederacy are the people empowered to speak about these things.
Those Treaties (which opposed the Dakota to the south) and later developments such as the opposition of the Metis in Manitoba and the Blackfoot Confederacy in Saskatchewan and Alberta to the Sioux over buffalo hunting territory were a principle reason for the creation of a northern plains culture and a Canada-U.
Watts is suggesting that the newly reopened Federal Building in Edmonton be named after Crowfoot, who was Grand Chief of the Blackfoot Confederacy.
The Blackfoot Confederacy encompasses southern Alberta from Cypress Hills west to the Rocky Mountains, south to Yellowstone National Park, north to Calgary and Red Deer south of the South Saskatchewan River, said Weasel Head.
Mountain Horse and his section killed a few survivors of a German battery and marked the German artillery with the marks and designs of the Blackfoot Confederacy.
The trading post was a vital link between the First Nations people of the Blackfoot Confederacy and the European settlers.
Dignitaries from the Blackfoot Confederacy, provincial government, and United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization were in attendance.
The Blackfoot confederacy, which includes the Bloods, Blackfoot, and Peigans, were a polygamous people.
A guided walk into the Oldman River Valley is a way to learn the history and traditional way of life of the Peigan people, members of the Blackfoot Confederacy.
In this transition, the university maintains partnerships with the Blackfoot Confederacy, Red Crow Community College, Blood Tribe Department of Health, Aakom-Kiyi Health Services at the Piikani Nation, and Siksika Health Services.
Small Legs, and representatives from the other tribes that form the Blackfoot Confederacy - Siksika and Blood in Alberta and South Peigan in Browning, Montana - are hoping to make family and cultural visits across the Canada and United States border easier.