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Synonyms for blackcap

raspberry native to eastern North America having black thimble-shaped fruit

small black-headed European gull

chickadee having a dark crown

small brownish-grey warbler with a black crown

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The plan's authors claim that allowing for the selective hunting of blackcaps will discourage poaching.
The split that the researchers observed followed the recent establishment of a migratory divide between southwest- and northwest-migrating blackcap populations in Central Europe after humans began offering food to them in the winter.
Blackcap STEVE CULLEY Black Grouse Pic: KEITH OFFORD LOSER: The Ring Ouzel, a summer visitor, breeds in heather on steepsided valleys.
James Marshall and McCullum prospered at the start of the Blackcaps innings, earning a half-century stand before the wicketkeeper was adjudged lbw off Farveez Maharoof.
He found that blackcaps, who winter in the north - including Britain - are more likely to mate than those who head south and that this could eventually lead to two distinct species.
One day last week, my morning walk at RSPB Conwy was awash with Blackcaps after overnight rain: the following day Chiffchaffs dominated, these small warblers seemingly gripping every branch.
One population of blackcaps has already begun to split into two separate species because of British bird-lovers, scientists have found.
Following the coldest start to the winter for 30 years, blackcaps may not be so widely seen this year.
Danish scientists studied the movement of 34 pied flycatchers and 20 blackcaps in a planetarium.
Several readers have reported Blackcaps on their feeders, especially on fat balls, which a bird will defend from all-comers.
The blackcaps, flycatchers, nightingales and other small birds are offered as banned (but still popular) ambelopoulia delicacies for up to e1/480 per dozen.
A ringer in a Rhos-on-Sea garden reports several blackcaps, some of which may have passed this way before.
On the other hand, they are delighted when Little Egrets turn up on local estuaries, if Blackcaps feed on winter berries or Barn Owls move into nest boxes.
In addition with Blackcaps (Ambelopoulia), numerous species of
Although two blackcaps at RSPB Conwy may have been early arrivals, they're probably overwintering birds heading back to central Europe to breed.