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a hypothetical object capable of absorbing all the electromagnetic radiation falling on it

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For gaseous models, the production of the thermal spectrum involves the slow conversion of a hypothetically X-ray blackbody spectrum produced in the solar interior to the visible spectrum observed at the photosphere.
For astrophysics, this meant that any object could produce a blackbody spectrum.
However, in this case, the derivation starts with the presence of a blackbody spectrum a priori.
The production of a continuous blackbody spectrum is incongruent with an origin from a low density source.
Whatever happens within graphite and soot to generate a blackbody spectrum must also happen on the surface of the Sun.
The infrared spectra are automatically averaged and integrated with respect to the blackbody spectrum at selectable temperature range.
That real materials possess reflectivity implies that they cannot generate a blackbody spectrum without driving this reflective component [15].
By demonstrating that that relic energy exactly fits a pattern known as a blackbody spectrum, the satellite's data bore out a crucial prediction by supporters of the Big Bang scenario.
0] is the temperature of the blackbody spectrum today, which is 2.
Known as the Balloon Anisotropy Measurement, this survey employs a spectrometer, a device normally used to study how closely the intensity of the microwave background at different wavelengths matches a perfect blackbody spectrum.
The pumping of ever more photons into an arbitrary cavity while invoking reflection as a means to justify the buildup of the blackbody spectrum is forbidden by the first law of thermodynamics [10].
Based on a small sample of data, the measurements so far show no deviations from a blackbody spectrum (see illustration).
section]) The blackbody spectrum which could be produced in the laboratory using simple materials like graphite, soot, or metal-blacks [21-24], at once required the summation of a large set of processes which were not known to contribute to the production of the blackbody spectrum on Earth [41,42].
Spectra will tell the difference: True ZITs will have the blackbody spectrum characteristic of the cosmic microwave background.
Kirchhoff's law stated that, within an adiabatic or isothermal opaque cavity at thermal equilibrium, the radiation would always be represented by a universal blackbody spectrum whose appearance was solely dependent on temperature and frequency of observation, irrespective of the nature of the walls (provided that they were not transparent) or the objects they contained [30-32].