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Synonyms for blackberry

large sweet black or very dark purple edible aggregate fruit of any of various bushes of the genus Rubus

bramble with sweet edible black or dark purple berries that usually do not separate from the receptacle

pick or gather blackberries

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At one stage, they launched a successful rival to the Black-Berry dubbed the "Macberry" The firm crashed two years ago amid claims they were victims of a pounds 9million fraud.
Edinburgh-based Wolfson Microelectronics, which supplies Black-Berry maker RIM and sat-nav group TomTom, said sales in the three months to June were towards the lower end of previous guidance, because of product delays faced by some customers and pressure on consumer sales.
One change agreed was that councillors who have an authority-issued mobile phone or Black-Berry will no longer receive a pounds 180 telephone allowance.
In July the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) said that it will ban Black-Berry services, including the immensely popular BlackBerry Messenger on October 11 unless a deal is reached that would allow it to monitor communications.
Some 500,000 people in Algeria use the Black-Berry service, he said,
It follows two thefts from schoolboys in Gateshead last Thursday, when an iPod and Black-Berry were stolen.
Manufacturer RIM hopes the Black-Berry Storm2 will be able to take on Apple's popular iPhone.
Alan, no one wants it - every business gimp's got a Black-Berry.
Rose has an IBM laptop, a Nokia cell phone, a Black-Berry, a Motorola two-way pager and, for overseas travel, an SBC satellite phone.
Police are appealing for witnesses to the theft which happened at 6pm yesterday in Black-berry Lane, Cov-entry.
This year's launch of Black-Berry 10, its revamped operating system, and fancier devices - the touchscreen Z10 and Q10 for keyboard loyalists - was supposed to rejuvenate the brand and lure customers.
It has 100 of the world's most talented digital experts working together to deliver innovative strategies for clients such as ASOS, Nando's, Black-Berry, Pottermore, Sony, Channel 4, Warner Brothers and Formica.
One put a Black-Berry by a plug socket to charge and when she went back it had been stolen.
Mr Sherriff was invited to the Black-Berry function in central London along with a string of celebrities.
He sent out a message on his Black-Berry saying, 'The Feds are following me' and that's it.