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venomous New World spider

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I sent a photo of a Black Widow spider caught in my yard in Barbar - that was posted in the GDN about 12 years ago.
The attacker is reported to have been wearing a black shawl before she detonated the bomb, which pundits claim reinforces the argument that she was a member of the Black Widows.
Washington, Feb 21 ( ANI ): Just like black widow spiders and their Australian cousins, known as redbacks, kill and devour their male partners, astronomers have noted similar behavior among two rare breeds of binary system that contain rapidly spinning neutron stars, also known as pulsars.
Scientists, while studying the behaviour of two rare class of binary system containing speedily spinning neutron stars called pulsars, noticed that these pulsars consume their mates, similar to that of black widow spiders and their Australian cousins called redbacks, who are notorious for their tainted love, as they have a tendency to kill and devour their male partners.
Nearly 50 black widows were found at Airbus' plant (inset) in a shipment from the USA
The black widows, and other particularly powerful millisecond pulsars as well, have been spun up to such short periods that their particle accelerators can produce gamma rays that show up brightly in Fermi's detectors.
So news that a venomous impostor, related to the deadly Black Widow, has embarked upon an unstoppable conquest has sent mild panic among garden shed aficionados across the UK.
Despite being regularly called out to help round up things like snakes, this is the first time the company has dealt with black widows.
DEADLY black widow spiders gave workers a shock when they turned up in a shipping container - in Norfolk.
Summary: A pair of black widow spiders found nesting in a classic car have found a new home at Bristol Zoo.
Black Widows are one of the most poisonous spiders in the world with venom 15 times more potent than a rattlesnake.
Black Widows are renowned for being incredibly tough and like dark crevices, so it was easy for the spider to settle in the car.
Black widows, which feed on ants, grasshoppers, beetles and scorpions, are perhaps the most notorious spider in the world
Additionally, Baker said the new weapon greatly enhances the capabilities of the Black Widows by giving them an additional choice of weapon that performs well in a confined, inner-city environment.
You can use any traditional bow you want for the clinic (or use one of the many Black Widows on hand) and feel right at home.