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a computer program that prowls the internet looking for publicly accessible resources that can be added to a database

a skillet made of cast iron

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They include the black widow spider in her dew-covered web or the Monarch butterfly lightly hovering over a bed of sunflowers.
The scorpion and the black widow spider are in different containers sharing the same cage, but this scorpion is probably 30 times as deadly as the spider.
Like so many other victims of sudden pest infestations, Brock still is puzzled by the speed of the black widow spiders.
In 2004, Mark Voegel, 30, was found dead in his apartment in Dortmund, Germany, after being bitten by his deadly BLACK WIDOW SPIDER.
This incident has however given strength to Ms Beebi's claim that Indian politicians are more poisonous than the Black Widow spider.
The move to London allows for lots of sexual imagery (the Gherkin building features prominently) and is primarily a showcase for Stone (who has turned 48) to flash loads of flesh - and yes, she does look extremely fine - and behave like a female black widow spider, drawing men and women into her sexual web.
A THIRD black widow spider has been discovered among a bunch of grapes from a store in Southport.
A MOTHER from Merseyside found a deadly black widow spider in a bunch of grapes she bought from a supermarket.
There has been more than a passing interest in the subject of the black widow spider and with it a fair share of myth and hysteria.
The scientists made the discovery by observing the behaviour of one spider species Enoplognatha ovate - a relative of the highly poisonous Black Widow spider.
The redback is closely related to the notorious black widow spider and differs in appearance only by the absence of a red dorsal stripe.
A PREGNANT Formby mum is the latest shopper to discover what she believes to be a black widow spider in her grapes.
His forearms bear the telltale markings of a gangster - a black widow spider, initials of a former girlfriend and SV, for the gang in the Sun Valley projects where he grew up.
For more than a month now we have been reading about the black widow spider, maids and war of words on these topics among the same set of opinionists (should I say?