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a narcotic that is considered a hard drug

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Yamhill County Sheriff Tim Svenson identified the substance as more than 15 ounces of black tar heroin.
El centro de investigacion Woodrow Wilson Center, que tiene su sede en Washington, se refirio tambien a esa expansion en septiembre de 2010, cuando publico el ensayo Cruzando el Mississippi: Como la black tar heroin paso hacia el este de Estados Unidos.
This level of opium poppy cultivation would potentially produce 50 MT of pure heroin or 125 MT of black tar heroin, not accounting for losses from any spoilage, harvesting inefficiencies, or interdiction, and is the result of cultivation outpacing increases in eradication.
The force completed the search without further incident, detained a handful of suspected militants, uncovered about 350 pounds of black tar heroin bundled in 20-pound bags and confiscated one AK-47 rifle.
Wound botulism associated with black tar heroin among injecting drug users.
Jose Ayala, 46, and his wife, Candelaria Ayala, 44, are accused of mailing the black tar heroin, wrapped in ``Tomy'' candy wrappers and packaged in sealed bags, to prison inmates in Lancaster and Northern California.
During Q&A, a reporter asked if he wasn't detracting from his education message by developing a reputation as a radical who wants to legalize black tar heroin.
Wednesday evening, Willcox Station agents stopped a suspicious vehicle and, with a canines assistance, found 112 bricks of marijuana, 88 grams of heroin and 14 grams of black tar heroin.
When federal investigators broke up a sophisticated Mexican drug ring in Lane County in 2007, the familiar black tar heroin sold on the streets dried up.
During the search, a cache containing 25 kilograms of black tar heroin, more than 100 bags containing remnants of black tar heroin,approximately 10 pounds of ammonium nitrate liquid,50 gallons of homemade explosive material,four jugs prepared for use as improvised explosive devices and seven mortar rounds were seized and destroyed,it claimed.
He felt something crunchy as he swallowed and, unrolling the savoury pancake, found a plastic bag filled with black tar heroin.
It was black tar heroin, cooked from poppies grown in the Michoacan province of Mexico, a cheap, minimally processed form of the drug that was widely available and particularly noxious.