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a narcotic that is considered a hard drug

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The infections, so far, have appeared only in people who inject black tar heroin under their skin or into their muscles.
The low cost of Mexican black tar heroin in Southern California, and its high availability, along with the ease of access to opiate-based prescription pain killers, are direct threats to teens and young adults in the San Fernando Valley community.
March 25, 2010) Jose Antonio Medina-Arreguin (aka "Don Pepe")--Also known as 'The King of Heroin," Medina-Arreguin headed a DTO that was one of the primary suppliers of black tar heroin to distribution points throughout the United States.
The city, said local drugs expert Greg Scott, has switched from black tar heroin to China White.
When federal investigators broke up a sophisticated Mexican drug ring in Lane County in 2007, the familiar black tar heroin sold on the streets dried up.
The force completed the search without further incident, detained a handful of suspected militants, uncovered about 350 pounds of black tar heroin bundled in 20-pound bags and confiscated one AK-47 rifle.