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Except in the northeasternmost part of the Prague Syncline (including the Prague-Repy section), the black shale succession was interrupted by a hiatus (rather a long-term omission of sedimentation) in the upper part of the Parakidograptus acuminatus Biozone (Storch 2006) which resulted in a biostratigraphically dated paraconformity in most of the sections (including the Hlasna Treban and Radotin tunnel sections).
8 thousand tons of which sandstone-type uranium deposits, 47 thousand tons - black shale type.
Graptolite argillite is a kind of black shale of sapropelic origin, which is characterized by high concentrations of a number of trace elements, including metals.
Recovery in conodont bearing-samples ranged from one element from the black shale in Location D and from the gray shale at the top of Location B to 160 elements from the gray shale at the top of Location A.
Furthermore, the mineral system at Old Pirate continues to surprise us with plentiful gold observed, for the first time outside of the quartz veins, in a black shale / shear zone at the Golden Hind.
The Waipawa Black Shale and Whangai formations are high-quality source rock formations present throughout most of TAG's million-acre East Coast Basin land holdings.
We argue that the concentration of zinc in ancient marine black shales is directly related to the concentrations of zinc in seawater and show that zinc is abundant in these rocks throughout Earth's history," said Clint Scott, the first author of the research paper and a former UC Riverside graduate student.
Carbonates are much more widespread than black shales on Earth through space and time.
Recent field excursions along the eastern flank of the Serpent Mound central uplift have uncovered shatter cones in structurally-deformed, fissile black shale exposed along the southern side of an eastward-flowing stream (at 39 [degrees] 2' 4.
The Marcellus Shale gas play is part of the Devonian Black Shale Succession that spans seven states in the northeastern U.
Development company Bersham Glenside want to clear the 32-acre site of colliery spoil and waste material over seven to nine years - 60% of it is unburnt black shale and 40% burnt red shale.
The acreage contains several exploration play types including an unconventional opportunity targeting the fractured Waipawa Black Shale and Whangai Shale formations.
Together with the black shale, these observations suggest that the water column was most likely stratified, probably with an anoxic bottom.
The sediments contained bands of black shale formed by dead organic matter and are now the world's main source of oil and gas.
The northwestern margin of the Mascarene Basin in this region is defined by the Sawyer Brook Fault, which separates the Oak Bay Formation, a 600 in-thick sequence of polymictic conglomerate and sandstone, from Early Ordovician black shale of the Cookson roup (Fig.