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African rhino

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FOLLY Farm Adventure Park and Zoo has welcomed two rare black rhinos this week as the latest additions to their animal family.
Chester Zoo has been successful in breeding a number of critically endangered black rhinos - with five calves born in the last seven years - as well as greater one-horned rhino, Komala.
Excited preparations are underway to receive mother and baby royalty, Black Rhinos Samira and baby Olmoti.
Since 1998, Black Rhino has been selling quality tools their customers have been proud to carry, and we are excited about the opportunity to marry these quality products with the high-caliber brands of Realtree and Mossy Oak," said Dusty Zundel, SPG CEO.
para]]"I am deeply saddened, disappointed and incredulous that he sees this mission as contributing to the survival of endangered black rhinos," said Jeff Flocken, IFAW North America Regional Director.
It attracted the outrage of conservationists last year by allowing the import of a black rhino shot in Namibia in 2009 by a hunter who paid $175,000 in fees to local government agencies.
TRUNK FALL The male elephant flips the black rhino with ease
The Namibian government decided to allow the slaughter of a black rhino as a fundraising mechanism, but those funds will not necessarily go back to black rhino conservation as some claim.
Will Travers, chief executive of the Born Free Foundation, said that there are just 20,000 white rhino and 5,000 black rhino left in the wild and the poaching would devastate the numbers in the next six years, the Daily Express reported.
In South Africa for the second part of shis heart-melting series, Paul is in his absolute element as he also makes friends with a baby baboon and has the honour of giving a black rhino its very last bottle before he's weaned.
Namibia, a semi-desert southern African country, has a black rhino population of nearly 1,800.
A permit to hunt down and kill an endangered black rhino in Namibia has been sold at an auction for $350,000, in a move that has been slammed by the animal rights activists.
She said: "One of our most memorable moments from last year's trip to South Africa was seeing the critically endangered black rhino in the wild.
The Black Rhinos of Namibia: Searching for Survivors in the African Desert provides another Rick Bass wildlife adventure: this time following his search for the rare endangered black rhino on the desert of Namib in southwest Africa.
Any with an interest in African wildlife will find it a fine first-person account of hunting the elusive black rhino in the wild.