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common household pest originally from Asia that has spread worldwide

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We have assigned the task to students of Zoology department to investigate reasons behind arrival of new specie of rat, how it arrived and from where, either it is an exotic specie or a local one converted from gray mouse to giant black rat, Professor Zaigham informed.
This relatively high rate is due to the absence of the black rat which is the first predator of fledglings of this species.
Others, like the black rat and the Asian tiger mosquito, hitched a ride and did their thing, often to our detriment.
Pla genes obtained from 2 of the peritoneum samples collected from black rats were sequenced and appeared to be identical (GenBank accession no.
The murdered soldier's regiment is attached to 4th Mechanized Brigade, The Black Rats, which is currently working in support of Afghan troops in Helmand.
Recently, it has been threatened by the construction of rice fields and competition from black rats and the Indian civet.
But species introduced by humans, such as black rats and feral pigs, have for decades worn away at the islands' native ecosystem.
It is being organised by the Black Rat Fund which supports 4th Mechanised Brigade - the Black Rats -based at Catterick Garrison, but currently in Afghanistan.
Its demise has been blamed on habitat degradation and on invasive pests such as giant centipedes, black rats, wolf snakes, feral cats and, in particular, the yellow crazy ant, which has had devastating ecological effects on the island's unique ecosystem.
For their study, the researchers studied samples taken from 58 rodents, including 53 brown rats, 2 mice (Mus musculus) and 3 black rats (Rattus rattus).
I've worn them lots already, they go with everything especially the new Sass & Bide black rats leggings.
Off to college at Amherst, he studied biology and earned money for school expenses by trapping and selling black rats to Columbia University for a genetics program and live frogs to the Bronx Zoo for reptile food.
It consists of 13 adult black rats (Rattus rattus Linnaeus, 1758): 7 males and 6 females (Fig.
This place would have been overrun with black rats and my job was a case of economics.