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Synonyms for blackmail

Synonyms for blackmail

extortion of money by threats to divulge discrediting information

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exert pressure on someone through threats

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Spam, black mail, fraud, slander and other such mails which infringe upon laws will be stored by cellular carriers.
They had rendevouzed at the celebrated black mail box - pin-pointed by UFO zealots as a focal Deep Space contact point - to commune with the alien spirits.
where Daniels became the small town's first Black mail carrier, and she cooked for the "Northern folks.
Apart from this Zafar stole Summon photographs which he photo-shopped to black mail her to withdraw her case; she said, 'I contacted Nighat Daad the founder of Digital Rights Foundation about this issue and she supported me all through.
An impression has been given that the US is giving too much aid to Pakistan and this amount can be used to black mail the country,' the analyst noted.
SAKHAKOT -- Deputy Commissioner and Levies Commandant Malakand Khaista Rehman has said no one will be allowed to promote corruption and black mail others for the illegal work because no one was above the law.
By opting to hire FCPS in Medicine and Surgery, the owners of the private medical and dental colleges wish to overcome this black mail, which they feel is quite disturbing.
We will not cave in to threats, terrorization, and black mail from this day on," he said, stressing that illegal arms should be confiscated by an internal Lebanese political will.