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a reddish brown dye used especially on hair

apply henna to one's hair

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the 21-year-old Arab woman who was admitted in the ICU at Al Qasimi Hospital a week after she applied black henna on her hands in a Ajman beauty salon.
In the UAE, a 21-year-old Arab woman was admitted in an intensive care unit at a local hospital one week after she applied black henna on her hands and arms in an Ajman beauty saloon.
Dr Bichi called on the authorities to ban black henna.
Black henna, or henna that contains petroleum components or traces of hair dyes, is banned because it is unsafe to use, often causing allergies and even leading to first-degree burns, as reported in a case last month.
A bubble turtle: Bullous contact dermatitis after a black henna tattoo in a backpacker in Thailand.
They all told me the same thing - the black henna ink had given me a chemical burn and it will leave a permanent scar.
Doctors have warned that the majority of black henna tattoos are made using a substance called para-phenylenediamine, which is found in hair dyes.
The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association also issued a warning confirming that 'having a Black Henna temporary tattoo presents a significant risk of a very nasty adverse reaction'.
The mechanism of dyeing is mainly related to the staining properties of constituent lawsone, and modified henna products such as black henna are available by adding para- phenylenediamine (PPD) to henna powder.
Black henna has been reported to contain considerable amounts of PPD used to enhance its dark color [36].
Laws against black henna are unenforceable," Cartwright-Jones insisted/'Black henna artists work from a folding table.
A survey from the British Skin Foundation found that 40% of dermatologists had seen patients with skin reactions due to black henna tattoos.
In the market there are some retailers selling black henna or neutral henna, which is not considered henna.
uk Rawthorpe youngster Ethan Crosland's agony after henna tattoo he had on family holiday to Egypt comes out in severe blisters when he gets back home There are different types of henna and it looks like they used black henna which burns the skin.
The inspections were also aimed at keeping a check on the new trends in the use of Henna, as in some cases, the properties and chemical composition of Henna were manipulated in keeping with the trend to use the harmful black Henna.