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a black-tipped plug clogging a pore of the skin

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Round Moun Usborne, at a height of from 1000 to 1500 feet above the sea about half of some of the herds are mouse or lead-coloured a tint which is not common in other parts of the island Near Port Pleasant dark brown prevails, whereas south o Choiseul Sound (which almost divides the island into tw parts), white beasts with black heads and feet are the mos common: in all parts black, and some spotted animals ma be observed.
Their cropped black heads stuck out from the bright yellow wall of countless small blossoms.
It gave way at last in a smother of foam, racing butts, bobbing black heads, and a confusion indescribable, as the river tossed everything before it.
He was the first of some twenty or thirty seal that landed on the island in the course of the day, and till the sea froze hard there were hundreds of keen black heads rejoicing in the shallow free water and floating about with the floating ice.
HB 3118 backers have expressed hope that Oregon's action could help prompt the National Collegiate Athletic Association to adopt a similar minority-interview requirement for football, since the NCAA's 120 largest football programs have six black head coaches.
In 1979, Wichita State hired Willie Jeffries to become the first black head football coach at a Division I program.
Dungy, the highest-paid of just two black head coaches that year, was ranked 14th overall at $2.
Despite compiling a 21-15 record, including a standout inaugural year with a 10-2 regular season and a trip to the Gator Bowl, the first black head coach of any sport for the Fighting Irish is gone.
The two operations will be fully integrated at the S Black head office in Hertford with immediate effect and many key personnel from Universe Ingredients will be taking up new positions within S Black, joining the existing sales and technical teams.
Pc Jones said: ``We ran out to the garden and saw the black head of a feline animal.
But the bird I was watching had a brownish head, not the requisite black head of a male oriole.
There is an arb between Sporting and Spreadex when it comes to Black Head and Vintage Cleaner in the 8pm, but that is the only reason for attempting to play on an otherwise unfathomable clash.
Black Head, 1980-81, beautifully captures the spontaneity and freshness of the small crayon drawings that initiated the series.
The pine shoot beetle is about 3 to 5 mm in length with a black head and thorax and reddish-brown to brownish-black wing covers.
Most definitely," is the reply from Ralph Schneider as he reaches for a streamlined item made of plastic with a black head and two transparent arms.