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The big parade of all the thirty thousand men was held that afternoon, and Vixen and I had a good place close to the Viceroy and the Amir of Afghanistan, with high, big black hat of astrakhan wool and the great diamond star in the center.
That rusty black hat with the drooping red flower, it might not be Ona's, but there was very little likelihood of it.
His broad black hat, his baggy trousers, his white tie, his sympathetic smile, and general look of peering and benevolent curiosity were such as Mr.
But now he sat limply, his soft black hat pushed forward on to his nose, his big body shrunk inside his loose clothes, staring at his boots or the Chinese junks in the bay, and assenting absently to the secretary's questions as he opened the Saturday mail.
And all of these bosses either wear white hats (play totally by the book), black hats (burn the book if it impedes sales), or gray hats (read only those pages that fit their purposes).
I promise, you will know a lot more about Gettysburg when you finish reading Those Damned Black Hats.
In the end he stood alone against the black hats and made the town safe.
They wear black hats because they lack white-hat empathy.
Good and bad hackers are not referred to as white hats and black hats.