Ameiurus Melas

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catfish common in eastern United States

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The black bullhead and sea catfish were collected only by gill net.
By collection method (1983-1984): Multimesh Large mesh Species Otter Trawl gill net gill net Ictalurus furcatus 2088 783 3 Blue catfish Ictalurus punctatus 1807 80 1 Channel catfish Pylodictus olivaris 1 0 0 Flathead catfish Ameiurus natalis 0 0 0 Yellow bullhead Ameiurus melas 0 1 0 Black bullhead Noturus gyrinus 0 0 0 Tadpole madtom Bagre marinus 1 7 0 Gafftopsail catfish Arius felis 0 1 0 Sea catfish By collection method (1983-1984): Species Rotenone Totals Ictalurus furcatus 0 2874 Blue catfish Ictalurus punctatus 8 1896 Channel catfish Pylodictus olivaris 8 9 Flathead catfish Ameiurus natalis 6 6 Yellow bullhead Ameiurus melas 0 1 Black bullhead Noturus gyrinus 1 1 Tadpole madtom Bagre marinus 0 8 Gafftopsail catfish Arius felis 0 1 Sea catfish TABLE 2B.
Three species were each represented by a single specimen: Silver Redhorse (Moxostoma anisurum), Black Bullhead (Ameiurus melas), and Bluntnose Darter (Etheostoma chlorosoma); the latter was the only percid collected.
Seven species were limited to headwater sites: Creek Chub (Semotilus atromaculatus), River Carpsucker (Carpiodes carpio), Lake Chubsucker (Erimyzon sucetta), Silver Redhorse, Black Bullhead, Pirate Perch (Aphredoderus sayanus), and Bluntnose Darter.
09); and Axis-3 represents black bullhead (Ameiurus melas), blackstripe topminnow (Fundulus notatus), and pumpkinseed sunfish (Lepomis gibbosus) ([R.
The fish assemblages from Hackberry Creek were dominated by long-lived, tolerant species, such as the black bullhead (Amierus melas), yellow bullhead (A.
A black bullhead (Ameiurus natalis) was taken in a minnow trap in a beaver pond in the center of the study area (Figure 1), and a yellow bullhead (Ameriurus natalis) was taken in the Little Raccoon Creek easement by Gammon, et al.
Glochidia remain attached to yellow and black bullheads (Ameiurus natalis and A.