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Visibly, the darker appearance Poly-crystalline module is achieved by the use of non-visible soldering method, black back sheet, black frame and poly cells that are very dark in appearance due to coating and processing techniques.
The Jump Start Slim features a brushed metal top and high gloss black back that is designed to complement the latest smart phone designs.
The former All Black back made more than 100 appearances for Saints, but his Gloucester first-team opportunities have been limited with former Blues star Nicky Robinson establishing himself as the first-choice outside-half.
The risk is that the All Black back three can return any wayward kicks with interest, but with a big physical presence in the side it appears Laporte is after an aggressive defensive performance too.
If only they could bring Cilla Black back, we'd be in gorgonzola heaven.
There will always be some connection - relatives, friends, fraternities, sororities and churches - that will bring a black back to the community and force them into accountability,'' he preached.
The diminutive pair Black Back and Black Boy (both 2004), for example, motion toward a Tuymans-like understatement, but the likeness achieved, while undeniably seductive, never transcends pure style.
In the 23rd minute of the New Zealand game, Charvis took the ball up in attack but ran into 17 stone of Samoan muscle in the form of 22-year-old All Black back rower Jerry Collins.
Danger Board of size 25x20 cm with a thickness of 2mm duly inscribing the white letters on the signal red back ground and the black back ground on the back side with "DANGER" symbols as per the latest IS(11000 Volts)
The former All Black back row's appeal of a two week ban handed down by the WRU in midweek has been overturned.
The 240 Watt Monocrystalline module is constructed of 10 strings of 6 monocrystalline cells and is available in either the standard white back sheet with a silver aluminum frame or for the esthetically conscious customer, it is available with a black back sheet and black aluminum frame.
Having the familiar Cunard red and black back on the Mersey is something to celebrate, and the city certainly did us proud
Our visit came up to expectations, lovely harbour when we arrived, and a great welcome from the black back gulls, very friendly crew on the boat and warden and assistants couldn't be more helpful.
STILL hopeful the club will attempt to lure Eric Black back - easily the best football I'd seen since the club got relegated and with no so called stars in the team.