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worn around arm as identification or to indicate mourning

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a band worn around the upper arm

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As for flinging the black armband to the ground, the England coach added: "At that time, he was not thinking about disrespect, it was frustration coming out.
TWO of Zimbabwe's top cricketers wore black armbands during their first cricket World Cup match yesterday in protest at human rights abuses, state-sanctioned torture, mass hunger and the ``death of democracy'' in their coun t ry.
And, if negative, the reaction to a minute's silence and black armbands may do more damage than if it was just ignored.
United players wore black armbands for Saturday's Premier League game against Aston Villa as a mark of respect.
Liverpool] should have just had a black armband just as part of their regulation kit.
Rangers and Liverpool players wore black armbands in support of the centre-half at the weekend, and afterwards Reds boss Brendan Rodgers spoke on behalf of his club to send his thoughts to the family.
Matias and his fellow Spaniard at Walsall, Zigor Aranalde, both wore black armbands against Wimbledon to make their point.
The Queen Mother Stand, opened in 1990, was decked out in black rosettes and draped in black silk and every jockey in the race wore a black armband in commemoration.
Olonga, who launched the Slavery Remembrance Day Festival at the Merseyside Maritime Museum in 2010, made the brave decision to wear a black armband at the 2003 World Cup in protest at Mugabe's brutality.
A black armband with a poppy on it will be worn by players in memory of those who have given their lives fighting for their country.
Members of the estimated 1,500 weekend cycling excursions across Britain are being encouraged to wear a simple black armband in memory of the four victims.
IRELAND'S black armband tribute to the vicitms of the Loughinisland massacre was a "fitting" way to remember the dead, a barman who survived the attack said last night.
RANGERS ace Madjid Bougherra plans to wear a black armband at today's game in protest at the bloodshed in Gaza.
uk: "We are spreading the word to all club riders to wear a black armband on Sunday in remembrance of those who have lost their lives in such a tragic way.
Watching Hell's Kitchen the following night, I saw Bruce Grobbelaar wearing a black armband and the respect of the man has to be commended.