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Synonyms for black-and-white

not having or not capable of producing colors

of a situation that is sharply divided into mutually exclusive categories

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These new users are really driving the growth of the black and white film segment.
Kodak decided to focus on Atlanta for the black and white film test market because of the city's tremendous growth and diverse population," said Brock.
To capture all those nuances, Hosefros will shoot three different types of 120 format film - Kodak Professional Portra 400VC film, a color negative film with vivid color saturation; Kodak Professional T400CN film, a black and white film developed in the C-41 process used for color negative films; and Kodak Professional Ektachrome film E100VS, the newest saturated color transparency film from Kodak Professional.
Thinner gauges, higher line speeds, more complex multi-layer structures, and new pigment and additive formulations are some of the approaches being tested in the hope of persuading farmers to trade up from generic black and white films to more sophisticated--and pricier--products.
In the tower, clips taken from old black and white films yield to Marker's long black and white portrait of the beautiful Catherine Belkhodja seen over many days and moods.