Black and Tan

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an English recruit (who wore a uniform that was black and tan) serving in the Irish constabulary to suppress the Sinn Fein rebellion of 1919 to 1921

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The Black and Tans, so nicknamed because of their uniforms, were part of a British escalation of violence and brutality against the Irish in the 1920s.
We believe our three new beers -- Faust, Muenchener, and Black and Tan -- will deliver the more varied, and more flavorful beer tastes that many beer drinkers are looking for today.
The Black and Tan sneaker takes inspiration for the fine balancing act of a stout [Guinness] on top of a pale ale [Harp] in a pint glass.
CONTROVERSY Nike's Black and Tan trainers have outraged Irish Americans
Of all of the villains in Irish history, few are as ideally emblematic as the Black and Tans.
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