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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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AT THE HANDS OF PERSONS UNKNOWN: The Lynching of Black America by Philip Dray Random House, $29.
Because of poverty, ignorance and prejudice, AIDS has been allowed to stalk and kill Black America like a serial killer," said Rev.
So it's been hard to write an agenda for black America without having to both name its enemies and call for direct confrontation with The Powers That Be, thereby putting them in the metaphorical (if not literal) line of fire.
Instead of lamenting the political domination of Black America by the traditional civil rights leadership, members of the hip-hop generation should prepare themselves for the day when they will have no choice but to assume leadership roles in America.
In black America, race and ethnicity don't trump other things like class, gender, or sexual orientation, arguably because black identity is not just seen as an object of pride, but still as an obstacle to be overcome.
The state of Black America is challenged but strong," National Urban League president Marc H.
It is a refreshing change to business-as-usual in Washington that the House of Representatives is prepared to go around the country and listen to the voices of the American people," said Frank Morris, chairman of Choose Black America.
BLACK ENTERPRISE recently sat down with him to talk politics, current events, and the state of black America.
Todd Boyd, a professor of critical studies at USC's School of Cinema and Television whose most recently published book, ``Young, Black, Rich and Famous,'' outlines his theory of how the NBA, hip-hop music and black America has converged to transform popular culture.
The message the Reverend Jackson sends to youth in asking Black America to continue to accept his moral leadership is that black men can't be moral.
He went to Harlem, the capital of black America and, as such, the best place for the scandal-fatigued to find redemption.
relations that is laced through the opening chapters of the novel, conversations between Sara and Sam illustrate some of the more complex and understudied cultural issues surrounding the increasingly international climate of black America.
Scheduled to participate in what should be a frank, open and insightful discussion about issues that both sustain and threaten the strength of black families, the participating speakers are contributors to this year's edition of the League's hallmark publication, The State of Black America.
TV talk show host and community leaders dialogue with the public to make Black America better
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