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an American whose ancestors were born in Africa

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Can black America honestly say he has measurably improved their lives in any way, after eight years of his presidency?
Analyzing the trouble in black America and what may be leading to fractured families all over America, "Where Did Our Love Go" is an enticing and much recommended addition to black studies and social studies collections.
In this book, Pacifica radio-journalist Joanne Griffith travels the country to interview leading black intellectuals, educators, authors and organizers about the state of Black America.
So when things are divided along racial lines, how exactly does Black America win?
The Depression hit Black America hard and Jones and the NUL carefully monitored every sign of worsening conditions.
Morgan's focus could have been broadened by discussing the impact of African American social realism on Africa and the Black Diaspora, simply because black America provided the inspiration and leadership in the global black struggle for social, economic, and political rights during the period in question.
Keeping the faith; stories of love, courage, healing, and hope from black America.
In a bold new monograph, Patrick Rael takes on the fundamental assumptions residing at the heart of both the community/cultural studies movement and the black nationalist critique of black America.
Du Bois essentially defined black America in the 20th century with his notion of "double consciousness"--the idea that African Americans experience everything in this world both as Americans and as black people.
His family, like thousands of others, migrated to New York City to the capital of Black America at the time--Harlem.
Young black America is more confused over its identity today than ever before.
Miss Black America, Antihero and Cultural Ice Age will be at The Cluny as part of the Love Music, Hate Racism tour.
That is one of the biggest things that Black America is angry about.
LIVERPOOL'S underground live music night `Inner City Sumo' returns with its anti-establishment agenda with the provocative Miss Black America, whose top British fan is oldie, but goldie, Wirral-born disc jockey John Peel.
The daughter of a Baptist preacher, her father C L Franklin was famous throughout black America for his charismatic sermons.
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