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a carriage for hire

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Uber has seen drivers of black taxi cabs in London take part in protests against the online service ANTHONY DEVLIN
Black taxi | |driver David Sutherland with Chris Lamontagne as GetTaxi launches a PS5 flat rate city centre fare Picture: SANDY YOUNG
GetTaxi, which unveiled its revolutionary new way for businesses to order London black taxis earlier this year, launched its free consumer mobile app today, enabling all smartphone users (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia) to order a taxi at the tap of a button on their mobile device or via a web interface.
A 55-year-old man, who was driving the black taxi, and the 19-year-old female driver of the green Clio, both from Hartlepool, were also taken to hospital but later released.
Seamus Cahill's charge had not been trapping particularly well until coming out in front at Romford last time in a 400m contest he ultimately had to give best to Black Taxi in.
Elsewhere, ``Drinking in Gomorrah'' brings a frothy house beat and intriguing monologue, while ``Yellow and Black Taxi Cab'' meshes reggae, hip-hop and imaginative drums.
The beauty was travelling with Northern Ireland World Cup hero Gerry Armstrong and his girlfriend Debbie McConnell when their Mercedes collided with a black taxi near Chorley in Lancashire.
Take the case of the lotto winner who spat at a black taxi driver.
One of the most common sights in London -- the black taxi cab -- will soon be seen on the streets of China following an agreement between its British manufacturer and a Chinese company.
It is spending 100,000 [pounds sterling] on bus and black taxi advertising and a radio promotion.
It was produced as a rival to the traditional black taxi, which is built in Coventry and has been a familiar sight in London and other UK cities since its launch in the 1950s.
What goes beyond the obvious, and must be known by experience, is that this practice extends to many Black taxi drivers and other People of Color.
VeriFone and Black Horse Taxi Finance are offering the incentive to reduce the financial impact for drivers who trade up to newer, less polluting vehicles through the Islington retail outlet of The London Taxi Company, the UK's top retailer of London's iconic black taxi and an agent and installer of VeriFone's card payment solution.
Thirty young people met in Belfast for cultural workshops and activities including a Black Taxi tour of the Belfast murals and visit to Belfast City Hall.
So clientele, those who do require a taxi, late at night, like I have done many times, due in part to me being confined to a wheelchair, try and pre-order your taxi from one of the afore mentioned firms; because, although the majority of Black Taxi drivers are more than okay, with a firm, at least you have 'the safety net' of that particular firm behind you, if you have to protest about a driver's behaviour OR as mentioned in the cleanliness of their taxi