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large Australian swan having black plumage and a red bill

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Numerous mute swans have been living at the lake for years, but the much rarer black swans were spotted by Hemlington grandmother Lynne Sibley.
Black Swans were first introduced to Britain accidentally, after some ornamental birds escaped.
LOVING: The African black swans are proving to be good parents
Black swans are often unimaginable until they actually occur, and as such cannot be considered in a probabilistic sense in a catastrophe model.
A colleague had given me a DVD of Black Swan, the Hollywood thriller that won Natalie Portman an Oscar for the best female lead.
At one time black swans (of the avian variety) were thought not to exist or to be possible, until first observed in Australia in the 18th century.
Black swans are native to the wetlands of south western and eastern Australia and have one of the longest necks of all swans, which is curved into an S shape.
The five fluffy young black swans are the latest to join the growing menagerie of creatures at the Brooklands garden centre, overlooking the Holme valley.
Let's strip it down, make it visceral," he demands of Nina in the hope that she can play both the innocent white and sensual black swans in Swan Lake.
It alludes to the discovery of black swans in Australia by British colonists, shattering the belief that all swans were white.
Taleb's current preoccupation is with the need for robust systems to offset Black Swans.
Taleb started by outlining the basic components on which his Black Swan theory has been built indicating that the main idea of his theory and book is centered on a small number of unpredictable events -- Black Swans- that explain many of the upheavals that hit the world markets today.
In fact, the author is very clear when he rebuffs folks who want a list of his predicted future Black Swans.
Black swans are quite rare but do occur in Australia, and they serve as the central and titular metaphor of this book.
And now - in their metaphorical plumage - black swans.