Kazimir Malevich

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Russian abstract painter (1878-1935)

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Above his head hangs his Black Square and at his feet stands an Architekton: it was his message to that fourth dimension.
This means that the empty space (the sole black square in the crossword) must lie in the top or bottom row, for if it lies in the second or third row there will be a one-letter vertical string.
The full-frontal nudity flyer, which had a small black square covering her lower private parts, was also left on the windscreens of cars parked in the area.
The BlackPearl(TM) 250W product is a 60 cell module comprised of 6-inch black square cells that delivers one of the highest power per weight ratios in the industry.
One was wearing a red shirt with a black square logo in the centre, while the other two were wearing white shirts with a slight pattern.
It understood his attacker, who was in his late 20s or early 30s, was wearing thick black square rimmed glasses and a dark blue or black Puffa-style jacket.
The first, "Kasimir Malevich's Black Square and the Genesis of Suprematism," was published in 1981 and is about the Russian founder of suprematism, an art movement of the early 1900s.
Between The Clock And The Bed and Black Square come the closest to recreating the genius of the hit singles from their fourth album, Everything Must Go, while the rest of the record churns out one good song after another.
Black Square by Kazimir Malevich perhaps the most famous work of Russian avant-garde was used as the basis and the central metaphor of the exposition.
The black square, once the triumphant "zero degree" of modern form, is now a screen--a window screen, to be exact.
5 I also picked up a cropped black square cut leather biker jacket - again by Acne.
For those who don't know the rules of chess, the board should be set up with the white square in the bottom right hand corner so the white king is on a black square at the heart of the game.
When Malevich painted that most iconic of paintings, Black Square on a White Ground (1914-15), his early thoughts on it were far from secular: 'Were humanity to draw an image of the Divinity after its own image, perhaps the black square is the image of God as the essence of his perfection on a new path for today's fresh beginning.