Black September

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Intelligence officer Avner (Hulk's Eric Bana) is recruited by the Israeli Prime Minister to oversee "Operation Wrath of God", a secret mission to travel across Europe assassinating the members of Black September responsible for the terrorist attack.
The Black September group seemed to have a global notoriety and it seemed they decided to make threats against us.
The morning of September 5, eight Palestinians from a militant group called Black September launched an attack on the Israeli team.
NEW RELEASE: Black September have gone for a mellow tuneful approach on their second album
After their black September, United have had an uplifting October with victories over Southampton, Middlesbrough, Fulham and Portsmouth in the Premiership to go with their UEFA Cup success over Breda in Holland.
It has taken part in anti and counter-terrorist operations, including the storming of a Boeing 707 held by Black September terrorists in 1972 and the killing of a gang of bus hijackers in the Gaza Strip.
And, after a black September, Robson should also be sitting down with the manager of the month award by then.
And former England batsman Dennis Amiss, who once received an alleged threat from the Black September Group in India, does not envy the Lord's Five their fiendish dilemma this weekend.
At the 1972 Munich Olympic Games, 11 Israeli athletes were assassinated by extremist group Black September, which was said to be linked to a guerrilla group, Fatah, set up by Arafat in 1965.
TERRY BUTCHER last night warned England's black September curse could leave Sven Goran Eriksson facing a World Cup play-off nightmare.
The extreme Palestinian group Black September gained entry to the Olympic village late at night and headed for the rooms which housed the Israeli athletes.
IT looked like black September for Belfast golfer Stephen Hamill.
It was the year the Black September group targeted the Israeli athletes and for 24 hours I became a war correspondent and the Page One writer," John recalls.
7 At which Olympic Games did the Black September terrorists strike?
Two Israeli athletes were killed and another 11 taken hostage by Palestinian group Black September, who had invaded the Olympic Village.