Black Sea

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a sea between Europe and Asia

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That he scatter his money in making quick inquiry as to what ship sails for the Black Sea and for where.
Suddenly a con- ical flame with a twisted top shot up forward and threw upon the black sea a circle of light, with the two vessels side by side and heaving gently in its center.
It was the year '55 when the Crimean war was at its height, and the old convict ships had been largely used as transports in the Black Sea.
Then, thinking of the black sea outside tossing beneath the moon, she shuddered, and thought of her husband and the others as companions on the voyage.
The blue Mediterranean appeared, and by a strange chance, I saw the fiend enter by night and hide himself in a vessel bound for the Black Sea.
Sunwing Energy and Black Sea Energy, which are set to merge, hold a 100% interest in an exclusive contract to develop the Kongnan project at the Dagang oil field, located 200 kilometers southeast of Beijing.
New study "Review of the Black Sea Ports" prepared by Business Port offers a deep review of the ports in the region of the Black Sea.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Residents of the Black Sea province of Rize have vowed to stop a 2,600-kilometer highway project that aims to connect the highlands of eight different districts in Turkey's Black Sea region, according to a report in the Agos weekly on Thursday.
The "Black Sea" is a key element of national and European transport network and is a natural extension of the "Trakia" highway, connecting the main eastern centers of economic development in the Black Sea - Varna and Burgas.
A total of four parallel lines are to be put on the Black Sea seabed, each of which requires over 75 000 pipes.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Head commander of the Russian Navy said the Russia's Black Sea Fleet would be strengthened with some 30 warships, submarines and auxiliary vessels in the next six years.
The Black Sea has a unique, two-layer hydrographic structure.
After September 2003, we had reduced acoustic coverage of the study area because we were unable to retrieve 12 receivers in 2004; most of these receivers were located in areas that were infrequently occupied by Black Sea Bass (Fabrizio et al.
The first roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) expedition from Turkey's Black Sea port of EreAli to the Iliechevsk port of Ukraine took place on Sept.
Washington, May 7 ( ANI ): Researchers believe ancient plankton DNA might be widely preserved in Black Sea lake sediments and can likely be used to reconstruct past life in the majority of oceanic and lake environments.