Black Rock Desert

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a desert in northwestern Nevada

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In "Desert to Dream: A Decade of Burning man Photography", Barbara Traub has compiled a collection that represents and presents a photographic record of a decade of Burning Man celebrations at the Black Rock Arts Festival held annual in the dry alkali flats of northwest Nevada's Black Rock Desert which runs for about a week and culminates over the Labor Day weekend.
Less than 20 years old, Burning Man has already become an institution--a kind of tribal gathering and arts installation that materializes like Brigadoon in Nevada's Black Rock desert every Labor Day weekend, and is named after the towering wooden figure set alight on the final day of the fest.
Roddie photographed the hips of 250 men and women - some nude, others clad in elaborate costumes, paint and tattoos - at Burning Man, an annual art festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.
worked for almost three months to create a multi-piece ceramic sculpture (shown above) that was displayed at the 2004 Burning Man Festival in Nevada's Black Rock Desert.
He had never been to Burning Man, the temporary city and arts fest that arises and disappears every year on Nevada's Black Rock desert playa, but he knew a couple of the event's organizers.
That honor goes to the Burning Man festival, the desert bacchanalia held earlier in the month in the Black Rock Desert, 150 miles to the north.
Johannesburg was beaten a short-head in last year's race, while Desert King, Chateau Royal, Perigee Moon and Black Rock Desert were also beaten.
The campaign gained momentum after December 2000, when Congress set aside 757,000 acres of wilderness in the Black Rock Desert and High Rock Canyon in the northwest corner of the state (see "The Sierra Club Bulletin," May/June 2001, page 70).
His style is so distinctive that I can open his new collection of stories at any page and recognize his juxtaposition of "high" and "low" notes, his energetic, mannered turns of phrase, his arcane, riotous vocabulary: "We went out into the middle of the Hualapai Playa at the edge of the Black Rock Desert with a platoon of topless females, the Space Cowgirls, circling around on mis-shapen multicolor bikes from a place called Pedal Camp, while a record number of freaks were crash-testing TVs--the cross-dressers, not the sets.
This three-year-old daughter of Danzig is a full sister to former smart Irish speedster Black Rock Desert and she cost 425,000 guineas as yearling.
BLACK ROCK DESERT, down to 12-1 for the 2000 Guineas, is the star attraction at The Curragh today.
035 miles per hour (1,228 kph) in Nevada's Black Rock Desert -- one of America's longest stretches of open land.
This part of the Black Rock Desert of Nevada used to be just another dry, flat place.
Lombardi returned to Nevada's Black Rock Desert for the fifth year in a row in July to set up and manage Recycle Camp at the annual one-week event dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance that runs through Sept.
The Museum will be hosting the opening of the new Humboldt River Viewing Plaza, Humboldt River Corridor Exhibit and the 2017 Black Rock Desert Artist-in-Residence Art Exhibit and Concert.