Black Plague

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the epidemic form of bubonic plague experienced during the Middle Ages when it killed nearly half the people of western Europe

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com/2014/09/10/reign-season-2-premiere-synopsis-the-plague/) official synopsis of "Reign" Season 2 Episode 1, "The Plague": "The new King and Queen of France, Francis and Mary are plummeted into chaos after the Black Plague ravages the land and creeps inside the castle, threatening lives and the stability of their new rule.
However, the inquiry broadens into a lot more, involving illegal horse slaughter, the conflict from supporters of the hunt and saboteurs opposing that "sport," and a look not only into the 16th century Black Plague which nearly wiped out the local population, including many of Cooper's forebears, but also events that took place during the 1960's.
We once had a lengthy conversation with him about the black plague and Hans Zinsser's Rats, Lice, and History.
The rulers may even know not that hunger and want are stalking the country like black plague.
She draws from Arabic and Latin sources dating from 1100 to the Black Plague in 1346, assembling many short passages that refer to extreme or unusual weather events and natural disasters into a broad picture.
In an age before modern medicine and our understanding of the role of microbes in human disease and epidemics, the cities of medieval Europe created and implemented some surprisingly sophisticated and practical strategies for trying to combat the spread of illnesses ranging from simple fevers to the Black Plague.
25 years ago THE black plague of nuclear waste was still haunting Teesside.
For example, after the Black Plague (1346-1353), which killed half of Christendom's clergy, bishops were eager to get men back into the sanctuary.
Those economic and ecological conditions don't exist today, and the existence of antibiotics and public health systems make another massive outbreak of the Black Plague unlikely in modern times.
A Harvard Medical School study revealed red meat will kill you more efficiently than an atomic bomb or the Black Plague.
TWO AWOL Crusaders Behmen (Nicolas Cage) and best friend Felson (Ron Perlman) find their homeland ravaged by the Black Plague.
Dubbed the first European cultural route, it fell into decline as the Black Plague and Reformation religious wars swept over 16th century Europe, only to see an upsurge in usage by modern-day pilgrims and hikers in late 20th century.
10 Season Of The Witch (15) Behmen (Nicolas Cage) and friend Felson (Ron Perlman) are Crusaders who return to discover the Black Plague has ravaged the land.
SEASON OF THE WITCH (15, 94 MINS) BEHMEN (Nicolas Cage) and friend Felson (Ron Perlman) are Crusaders who turn their backs on the church and return home to discover that the Black Plague has ravaged their beloved land.
SEASON OF THE WITCH (15) NICOLAS Cage and Ron Perlman play Crusaders who turn their backs on the church and return home to discover that the Black Plague has ravaged their beloved land.