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an activist member of a largely American group of Blacks called the Nation of Islam

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We were all Muslims - the other two were black Muslims, both with Muslim names.
The Government officially acknowledges the Muslim Eid festival on a date recognized by the South Asians, to the dismay of Black Muslims, who celebrate the festival on a different day.
The source of the problem is the Arab rulers in Khartoum, who have pursued an ethnic cleansing campaign against black Muslims in western Sudan.
Not until white Muslims began exterminating black Muslims was there suddenly an outcry.
Many blacks embraced the call by black militants Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, Rap Brown, the Black Panthers and the Black Muslims for black power, armed confrontation and separatism.
Visiting speakers included voices as extreme as representatives of the Jacksonville, Florida Black Muslims and the White Citizens Council, which was an organization devoted to the principles of White/ Black separatism.
Black Panthers, Black Muslims, white supremacists, and others.
Many black Muslims were moved to join multiracial mosques, and Mohammed integrated these mosques into the renamed Muslim American Society.
House and Senate just cited the Government of Sudan for "deliberately and systematically committing genocide" against minority populations -- African Christians, tribalists and moderate black Muslims.