Nation of Islam

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a group of militant Black Americans who profess Islamic religious beliefs and advocate independence for Black Americans

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The Black Muslim movement started as an alternative to Christianity, the religion of most slaveowners.
There are full-length chapters on non-Christians such as Prince Ibrahima Abdul Rahman, a slave for 40 years who finally regained his freedom and returned to Africa (Liberia rather than the country of his birth), and the Black Muslim movement and the Moorish Science Temple movement; also on black Buddhists and Hindus, a fairly recent phenomenon.
8) Benston enumerates various traditions of naming relevant to Ellison's poetics of naming- African American "genealogical revisionism" and "self-creation"; Muslim and Black Muslim movement "nominatione"; and Du Boisian dialectical double- consciousness naming (152-53)-in a larger project of describing both the epistemological conditions of Ellisonian naming and the beginnings of an ethics of (un)naming that derives in part from Ellison's writings.
Deen Mohammed of Chicago, who led the once-sectarian Black Muslim movement into mainstream Islam over the past two decades.
Combining aesthetics, politics, music, and social movements, this book ambitiously and effectively networks hip-hop, spirituals, jazz, ragtime, blues, the black women's club movement, and the New Negro movement, as well as the hipster and black Muslim movements among others, to illustrate the dynamics of music as a soundtrack to sociopolitical activism.