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Synonyms for ultraviolet

having or employing wavelengths shorter than light but longer than X-rays

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After experiencing such great success with its black light bowling parties (the “Extreme Bowling Bash”), it made sense for Lynnwood Bowl & Skate to add the Asteroid Climb to the party list.
Inspection black lights--These black lights are used in the housekeeping inspection process to identify any biological matter, food particles and other items that the human eye cannot see.
More than a dozen black lights pulled the rooms together.
Monster Manor with bats, glowing ghosts and test tubes, foggy graveyard, huge spiders and webs, black lights, strobe effects and Igor.
Nearly all of the adult click beetles collected during this study were taken at black lights.
When the black lights are on in a Cosmic Bowling center, you can't see any light coming from them.
Then the Brookhaven group noticed that exposure to a wavelength of 365 nanometers -- the UV-A used in black lights -- resulted in tumors in 38 of the 85 fish tested.
Dare you go inside: People are using black fabric, fog machines, flaming cauldrons and black lights to create a complete mood inside the house too.
It's viewable in the daylight, but when you turn the black lights on it lights up and people come out of the dark," he said.
With black lights shining on him, Parvan appeared to be suspended in midair, and his one prop - which he dropped on the stage at the end of his speech - was the red scarf that would be pivotal to the ensuing drama.
Some of the highlights are tattoo pens, to create temporary designs, and ``black magic'' pens that show secret messages under the black lights at dance clubs.
Party City also has an extensive line of special effects products including fog machines, black lights and strobe lights.
We've just got a new shipment in with lots of new colors such as red, and one with an ocean theme, and another with purple and yellow lava, but regardless of the color choice, most of our younger customers use them as night lights, while college students say they go well with black lights in their dorm rooms,'' Eaton adds.
Hart Park and Museum aren't promising anything except the scary atmosphere they've created with glow-in-the-dark paints, black lights, dry ice, fake blood and creepy sound effects.