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Synonyms for ultraviolet

having or employing wavelengths shorter than light but longer than X-rays

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Although the terrestrial members of this family are often associated with fecal material, all of the specimens collected during this study were taken at black lights.
Large numbers of specimens were taken at black lights, which were employed in both island and marsh habitats (as many as three per evening) at least once per trip when air temperatures and weather conditions were favorable.
When the black lights are on in a Cosmic Bowling center, you can't see any light coming from them.
Karuv explains: "The atoms in the chemicals absorb the high-energy UVwaves from the black lights.
After experiencing such great success with its black light bowling parties (the “Extreme Bowling Bash”), it made sense for Lynnwood Bowl & Skate to add the Asteroid Climb to the party list.
Glow-in-the-dark threads have been used to create the dresses, which creates a psychedelic effect when they are under black lights.
In response to this need, Best Western International recently implemented its "I Care Clean" program that uses advanced cleaning technologies, similar to those used in hospitals such as UV wands and black lights, into common areas and guest rooms.
March 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Black lights and Easter are not things you would typically think to pair together .
Black lights, Breathalyzers enlisted to spot hard-to-detect citrus damage: Black lights and Breathalyzers may conjure up images of rock posters and sobriety checkpoints, but not to California's citrus growers.
Glowing paper seashells sparkled under the black lights and covered the floor of the ocean.
Spectroline Model B-160 black lights were then used to assess the potential for manual flush toilets and automatic flush toilets to aerosolize fluorescent powders.
Haunted graveyard and fence, black lights and flame lights, maze, tombstones, hanged man, spiders and a headless bride.
The 8-by-18-foot wheelchair-accessible trailer is equipped with six sinks, soap and towel dispensers, and black lights.
Arm yourself with My Ultra Secret pen-Pal Stuff kit (Swingset Press), The kit has stationery, invisible ink pens and mini black lights Pen a pal with the invisible ink, and she'll.
The Jump, 1978, is a silent twenty-six-second loop projected on a fuchsia-colored wall illuminated by black lights.