Black Panther

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a member of the Black Panthers political party

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He thought the idea of hundreds of black panthers - technically all black leopards - roaming the UK was ridiculous.
Danny takes the blame for killing a rare black leopard and faces the possibility his career may be over.
She was attacked by her full-grown black leopard, JoJo, in his backyard enclosure.
Nibokan Center came first, followed by Black Leopard Center in second and Shotokan Tigers Center in third.
Cyndi Gamble will show a black leopard and other exotic cats, and tell about their life histories and habitats.
In addition, six new flavors have been added to the fruit sweetened non-dairy frozen dessert line, including Vanilla Fudge, Black Leopard, Mango Raspberry, Tiger Chai, Green Tea and Pistachio flavors.
A statement from the Assembly said: 'Tests at the Government's Central Science Laboratory in York found no trace of DNA from a black leopard, and electron microscopy analysis of hair found in the dog's mouth did not match those of a leopard.
com which includes a number of different colors and animal print styles such as zebra, basic leopard, pink leopard, blue leopard, white leopard, black leopard, snakeskin as well as giraffe in multiple styles and colors.
In the Malayan jungle, on the same day, I saw a giant python and a black leopard.
At Bandipur, a black leopard was photo- captured on April 24, 2008, and another photo capture was recorded on February 7, 2010.
99 Internacionale Ring box pounds 28 Next Black leopard print stilettos pounds 25.
The Juicy Couture cream and black leopard print handbag and large brown DKNY leather purse with a round silver logo were taken from a car parked at Denton Turrets Medical centre car park at Denham Road in Slatyford.
Located 30 miles northeast of Denver, the Sanctuary also has packs of wolves, bobcats, an extremely rare black leopard, and more than 70 tigers.
30pm) Du Plessis rallies the troops to prevent Danny from losing his career when the vet blamed for the death of a rare black leopard.