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the largest city in India and one of the largest cities in the world

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Tourists should also spend half an hour or so at the memorial to the infamous Black Hole of Calcutta, one of the British Empire's bleaker episodes.
There were so many passengers crammed into a zig-zag that it was like the black hole of Calcutta.
Then came the black hole of Calcutta sitting in the Herc for 30 minutes until it flew was excruciating.
They'll be out of what I call the Black Hole of Calcutta and into the bright sunshine of Southern California,'' Colette told the crowd.
Only 23 survived the cell known as The Black Hole of Calcutta.
Similarly, had the eToys mentality prevailed earlier in human history, we might have seen such corporate identity salvage jobs as Spanish Armada Shipping, Black Hole of Calcutta Hotels, and Bubonic Health Maintenance.
Like the morning Robson called him into that pokey office nicknamed the Black Hole of Calcutta because it was tucked in the shadow of the girders propping up the main stand.
True, the grandstand is no longer state-of-the-art - and in some respects is just a bit of a state - but it copes well enough, apart from on Gold Cup day, which, when it rains, turns the old edifice into a gruesome cross between the black hole of Calcutta and the first day of the Harrods sale.
The Black Hole of Calcutta, Love Upon the Throne - the Charles and Diana Story (nominated for an Olivier) and The Wonder of Sex at the National Theatre.
1756: During the Anglo-French struggle for India, 145 British men and one woman were put in a cell less than 18 feet square, known as the Black Hole of Calcutta.
Gloomy interior lighting; since we built the extension the dining room resembles the black hole of Calcutta.
Spending a penny in the Green Tree used to be like entering the black hole of Calcutta.
I obviously am disturbed by the fact that everything has taken so long in the City Attorney's Office, which is like the Black Hole of Calcutta.
No one is asking Hollywood to churn out an undifferentiated string of uplifting biographies, say, Mother Teresa: The Black Hole of Calcutta.
Clr G Holroyd said that entering New Road was like walking into the Black Hole of Calcutta.